Thursday, January 31, 2008

In The Beginning... Marge created: THE BLOG

Wow! Look at us! We have a blog. What the heck is a blog anyway?? I guess it is time to get in sync with the rest of the family. We don't want to be left behind........ Actually we have been behind for years, but who cares.

We are aging and loving every second that we spend together. Life is a gift and every second is precious when you get our age. We still have 12 wonderful kids (6 we birthed and 6 we were given in marriage) and we love them ALL. 19 grandkids top off the family and it couldn't be greater, well, I guess it could if we get a few more (Jess and Bethany????)


Barb & Sean said...

Wahoo! I'm excited for you to have a blog! Now we just need to get Melissa, Melinda, Wendy & Maria on board!

Bethany said...

Nope, no more kids for me. My one is hard enough!!!! LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Hacking it up said...

Hooray!!!I'm so glad you started a blog!!! I love being able to keep up on everyone!Happy blogging! Love you!


tell Melissa and Melinda and Jess to get their butts in gear!

Cammie said...

Yipee! I am so glad you have blog now too. I Love keeping up with the family and seeing what everyone is up to

Nemelka said...

Don't worry Bethany will want more once Kashton is older and she misses the "baby!" Sorry to hear about your accident hope all is ok with you!!

Angie said...

Welcome to the blogging world!! We're happy to have you :) It's a lot of fun but you have to keep your blog up to date ok??
I'll keep coming back to check up on you!! and like everyone else has said you just need to get the rest of your kids on board with blogging now!