Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our New Vice or Our Money Pit

We have know that we would sell our big house for a long time. So.... to stay on top of the process, we decided to buy a small house with a large piece of property and fix it up so we would have a place to move when we sold our house. The problem has been that we cannot find anyone who will buy our house. As a result, we have had two houses for 2 years. It has been the hugest drain that we have ever experienced. We are finally getting the old dump fixed up a little and we will either move into it, sell it or rent it our. Enjoy the picture of the old dump. It might actually turn out o.k. if we keep working.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Duane's New Career

Duane got a modeling job .... Wow! This is his before

and this is the after. Still as cute as ever, don't you think??

Sunday, February 10, 2008

If This Is What The New Year Will Be Like....

I have a new job! I have been so excite to be back in the Medical field. I have come full circle. I am working for a Pulmonologist. That is the same specialty that Dr. Dixon chose (I worked for him at a very young age.) I am doing a little bit over everything... office nursing, transcriptioning, medical billing and coding etc. It is almost overwhelming right now, but amazingly, I can still remember most everything from 35 years ago.

Coming home from work last Friday, (February 1st)I was so excited to be getting home by 5:00, the weather was pleasant and it was the weekend. Out of no where a red truck came and broadsided me. I had the wonderful exprience of being hauled away strapped to a back board in one of Utah's best - Gold Cross Ambulance. What ensued was much worse than the accident. I was put in a room, strapped down and immovable for almost 2 hours with no one to help me, check on me or tell my family where I was. The police or EMT's did not notify Duane and I was incapable of doing so. It was one of the most traumatic things I have ever experienced. I was so upset, that by the time Duane did get there, I just left the hospital and when home. I did not want them to care for me at all. Luckly I think I am o.k. I still have a horrible stiff neck and shoulder area, but am alive. Very traumatic for me was going to see the car. I realized that if I had been in a smaller car, I might not be here. Uncle Gene now has our 4-runner and will try his best to repair it. If I could get Bethany on the ball, I would have a cool picture for you. Maybe later.
Life is good and I am happy to be standing upright, taking nourishment and still able to work.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

In The Beginning... Marge created: THE BLOG

Wow! Look at us! We have a blog. What the heck is a blog anyway?? I guess it is time to get in sync with the rest of the family. We don't want to be left behind........ Actually we have been behind for years, but who cares.

We are aging and loving every second that we spend together. Life is a gift and every second is precious when you get our age. We still have 12 wonderful kids (6 we birthed and 6 we were given in marriage) and we love them ALL. 19 grandkids top off the family and it couldn't be greater, well, I guess it could if we get a few more (Jess and Bethany????)